Suburban Urban

How do you stand out in a crowded environment? By making the environment work for you.

As a real estate agent working in a saturated Toronto market, our client Peter Louie, wanted to update his website to differentiate himself as the preeminent real estate agent for urban professionals. His level of experience in real estate is as vast as the condo landscape, and we knew that the key to differentiation would be a visual marriage between the city’s contemporary environment and his expertise.


We provided artistic direction for his photoshoot, being sure to highlight the beauty of the  landscape he works in. In pulling together a graphic design concept for his new site we decided to substantiate the Suburban Urban brand personality with clean lines and a warm, modern colour palette. Our team built his website with his client mind, adding in useful tools and resources like a mortgage calculator to help make the process of buying or selling a home more familiar and approachable. Each section of the website features a photo backdrop highlighting different parts of a condo development in a way that’s bright enough to draw interest, but muted enough for  each page’s content pieces to stand out. In a crowded market Peter’s unique website is immediately recognizable,  working for him online while he takes care of his clients offline.

Services:Website Design
Project Date:2012