Philip Kates

How do you design for an eclectic corporate image? By playing with toys.

Philip Kates is what you might call “The Plug”. Connected to a variety of specialists across several industries, his company, Philip Kates Productions, puts together dynamic teams that meet the requirements of his client’s objectives; from assembling a production team for a feature film to putting together copywriting specialists to secure grant funding.


In designing his brand identity, we wanted to depict his ability to construct individual skill sets and experiences into effective teams through a toy model concept, and used sci-fi iconography as a nod to his eclectic and vibrant personality. The toy model concept features prominently on corporate stationery and tells the story of its two owners whose experiences are flexible enough to fit into a variety of situations. Philip and his team loved their brand system and are pleased that it can tell as vibrant of a story as they can.

Client:Philip Kates Productions