Novella Magazine

How do you demonstrate the power of independent culture? By building an independent publication.

Novella Magazine is dedicated to promoting and highlighting the best in independent art, culture, lifestyle and fashion. Created out of the vision of Beehive’s Creative Director, Terry Lau, Novella  provides a vital network for Canadian creatives, curating online and offline opportunities for them to collaborate and experience during and in between  seasonal issues.


Focused on catering to a younger, urban demographic, the magazine and its digital component work together to support bold innovation in contemporary Canadian culture. The magazine is simple in layout, focusing on immersive, full-page graphic spreads that capture and hold the reader’s attention. Terry provided creative direction and artistic tutelage to Novella’s graphic designer to create the double-sided, double feature format that emphasizes the duality of humanity and the creative spirit.


As an ongoing project, Novella magazine features emerging designers, small businesses, artists and personalities who aren’t covered elsewhere, giving them a platform to connect with their audiences. The design of Novella’s website and print issues is dynamic, demonstrating this commitment to eclecticism and changing with the trends as they arise. Terry believes independent culture drives progress and the Novella brand and team continue to build the publication into a diverse cross-section of a vibrant city.

Client:Novella Magazine
Services:Website Design
Project Date:2014