JK Reps

How do you create a design that is both nostalgic and modern? By infusing it with functionality.

Working with Jooli Kim to create a completely functional branding identity system required us to think beyond piecemeal items to design a group of products that was practical and that could be used by several people.

As a photographer’s representative, it was important for Jooli’s brand to stand out amongst the competition while translating across all aspects of her busy day. After settling on a distinct red design, we created a portfolio booklet whose content could be easily changed to fit a particular photographer. We then extended the design concept to business cards, envelopes and stationery that work together to support her busy, on-the-go lifestyle in a large carrying case. The old-fashioned fasteners we used in the carrying case ensured that all of the elements she might need are secure and ready at her fingertips. The final brand design is clean, modern, and easily adapts to portfolio changes.


Client:Jooli Kim
Services:Print Design, Identity, Stationery
Project Date:2012