Japan Foundation

How do you effectively design for culture? With a multi-faceted approach.

Designing for culture and all of its elements is a task that we are always particularly keen to solve at Beehive. Indeed, identifying and building concepts that capture the varying elements of a culture, whether ethnic or organizational, are foundational elements of our design philosophy.

At the beginning of our work relationship, the Japan Foundation was seeking a rebrand of their corporate and programming brochures that would present an alternative look and feel to the simply-designed leaflets they were using. As an overall approach, we drew our inspiration from the ongoing evolution of the Foundation and the various perspectives that inform the creation of their cultural services and programs—traditional, contemporary, corporate, and community-oriented. While the interior architecture of the Foundation’s offices acted as design inspiration for our first design edition of their brochures, we used shapes and colours in the second edition to represent the spirit of their philosophy and mission. Now creating the third edition of programming brochures for the Japan Foundation, our team is staying true to the theme of continuous innovation through the use of a documentary-style that captures the dynamic essence of their cultural services while staying true to the proud history of the Foundation’s heritage.

Client:Japan Foundation
Services:Print Design