Jane & Finch Centre

How do you create sustainable design for a diverse community? By focusing on similarities.

Our work with the Jane and Finch Community Centre challenged us to think about how design can be used to uplift and strengthen an organization.
The historic importance of the Community Centre in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood, and the accessibility of its programming were key elements that we wanted to reinforce in the print and digital collateral. Despite the diversity of cultures, age, professions and families in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood, a collective identity has been created in the community that’s based on a spirit of togetherness and a sense of self-improvement.
Extensive consultations with the Community Centre team and our own research found that the strength of the Centre was and continues to be built through people serving people. We used bright blue and orange for the print collateral to represent community trust in, and the vibrancy of the centre’s services, and kept the typeface contemporary to ensure sustainability as the Centre continues to evolve. Each of the print pieces supporting the Centre’s programming reflect the collective spirit of the neighbourhood and speak to the successes achieved in the past and into the future.

Client:Jane & Finch Centre
Services:Print Identity
Project Date:2017