Canada’s Walk of Fame

How do you inject sophisticated uniqueness into Canada’s premier event? By focusing on authenticity.

If imitation is a form of flattery, starting where you are is a recipe for success.

In designing the event booklet for Canada’s Walk of Fame, we wanted to create a different design for each recipient that would accurately reflect their work in their respective industries while staying true to their personalities. We generated the booklet content for each inductee through research and interviews to create carefully curated biographies that were introspective in highlighting the inductees’ Canadian and international achievements. Each design was carefully planned to include elements indicative of the inductee’s craft so as to make each section distinct, yet recognizable from a thematic standpoint. By designing for authenticity, we created a spread that ultimately represented Canada’s diversity across all industries and sectors.

Client:Canada's Walk of Fame
Services:Print Design
Project Completion:2016