Adopt Ontario

How do you simplify for sensitivity? By focusing on the end user.

Adoption is a subject that must be approached with sensitivity and care, and placing children with loving, caring families and parents is a process that requires significant effort at both ends of the spectrum.


We were tasked with creating an informative introduction video for AdoptOntario that answers basic, but key questions potential caregivers and adoptees might have about the process of building a family. The procedures required to fulfil the adoption process are extensive, and in order to create a succinct video we worked the client to simplify and highlight the critical components in the format of a children’s narrative. We wanted to make sure that the final video was a story prospective parents could identify with, whether or not they had been adopted themselves. After storyboarding with an illustrator, producing voice-over work, and mixing in music and sound effects, we created an interactive piece that provides a friendly introduction to the adoption process that the client loved, and that has become an integral part of their adoption orientation.

Client:Adopt Ontario
Services:Video Production
Project Date:2015
Adopt Ontario