How do you make museums more immersive? By making it easier to be immersed.

With the increase in interactive technology at one’s fingertips, increasing public engagement with arts institutions like museums is a feat that requires careful analysis or a big idea to successfully drive revenue.


We were approached by the Gardiner Museum to create a digital and print campaign that would complement their big idea: a cross-promotional program allowing patrons to visit the Gardiner, Bata Shoe and Textile museums for one price. Key to the success of this program was to be the creation of an online portal where the 3Pass could be purchased wherever and whenever a patron wanted. The museums wanted to increase accessibility to their programming through online ticketing instead of institution-based ticket offices.  We worked diligently to understand the unique personality of each museums, and were deliberate in developing a artistic concept that would provide an appropriate stage to feature the three museums as a distinct but robust collective. Producing print collateral, a promotional video, and a web portal for the program required a unique but flexible design that appealed to a family-oriented target market. We chose bright colours and clean geometric shapes to represent the intersection of art and culture found across all three museums. Additionally, we facilitated a smooth user experience by making the purchase process as simple as possible, and on the back-end, optimized processing so administrators could keep track of ticket sales as they rolled in.  The final brand package was well-received and the 3Pass program was successful in increasing overall engagement and attendance at each museum.

Client:Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, Bata Shoe Museum, Textile Museum of Canada
Services:Brand package
Project Date:2015